Albany Wind Energy Facility - Makhanda,EIR 2

Albany Wind Power (Pty) Ltd. plans to develop, construct and operate a Wind Energy Facility (WEF) approximately seven kilometres (7 km) east of Makhanda/Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province. The project site is situated in the Makana Local Municipality (LM) which forms part of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality (DM).

The proposed Albany WEF will consist of up to forty-three (43) turbines, with a total facility output of up to 297 MW. The WEF will also include a short powerline and switching station in order to connect the WEF to the existing Eskom substation (this powerline will be applied for in a separate environmental application, however the project description of the application will appear in this document in order for the development to be considered as a whole). The turbine footprints and associated facility infrastructure (internal access roads, substations, construction compound, batching plant and operations building) will cover a maximum area of approximately 55 ha (post rehabilitation) depending on the final layout design, should the project proceed to the construction phase.

CES has been appointed by Albany Wind Power as the Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) to conduct the necessary EIA Process for the project in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA, Act No. 107 of 1998 and subsequent amendments) EIA Regulations (2014 and subsequent 2017 amendments).

The Second Draft EIR is being released in accordance with Section 21(2) of EIA Regulations.

Published: 28 July 2021
Review Period: The Draft EIA Report is available for public review from the 28th of July 2021 until the 28th of August 2021.

Contact Person: Caroline Evans
Tel: 046 622 2364

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Albany Wind Energy Environmental Impact Assessment, V2

Albany WEF 2nd Draft EIR EAP Declaration


Appendix A | PPP

PPP Proofs EIA Phase Notification 1.1 PPP Proofs EIA Phase Notification 1.2 PPP Proofs EIA Phase Notification 1.3 PPP Proofs EIA Phase Notification 1.4 PPP Proofs EIA Phase Notification 1.5 PPP Proofs EIA Phase Notification 2 PPP Proofs EIA Phase Notification 3-4 PPP Proofs EIA Phase Notification 5-7 PPP Proofs Scoping Phase


Appendix B | CVs

Alan Carter Caroline Evans Rosalie Evans


Appendix C | Impacts Tables

General Impacts Table Specialist Impacts Table


Appendix D | Specialist Assessments

(Please note that some large file size reports are split in parts download all parts please) Agricultural Cover Letter Agricultural Impact Assessment Avifaunal Cover Letter Avifaunal Impact Assessment Bat Impact Assessment Ecological Impact Assessment Heritage Impact Assessment Hydrological Study Kap River Noise Cover Letter Noise Impact Assessment Palaeontological Impact Assessment Social Impact Assessment Traffic Feasibility Study Visual Impact Assessment Part 1 Visual Impact Assessment Part 2 Visual Impact Assessment Part 3 Visual Impact Assessment Part 4


Appendix E | Specialist Declarations

Agriculture: Andries Gouws Avifauna: Jon Smallie Bats: Kate MacEwan Ecological: Greer Hawley Hydrological: Riona Kruger Noise: Morne de Jager Palaeontology: Rob Gess Social: Marchelle Terblanche Traffic: Deon McQuirk Visual: Alan Carter


Appendix F | External Reviews

Ecological Review Brett Dustan CV Visual Review Tosca Grunewald CV


Appendix G | EMPrs

Draft EMPr Draft Generic EMPr Avifaunal Monitoring Plan Traffic and Transport Management Plan Kap River Study


Appendix H | Issues and Response Trail

Issues and Response Trail (IRT)


Appendix I | Comments Received EIR Phase

(Please note that some large file size reports are split in parts download all parts please) Amakhala PGR Buffalo Kloof PGR Coleridge NR DFFE ECPTA Indalo PE part 1 Indalo PE part 2 Indalo PE part 3 Indalo PE part 4 Indalo PE part 5 Indalo PE part 6 Indalo PE part 7 Kariega PGR Kwandwe PGR part 1 Kwandwe PGR part 2 Kwandwe PGR part 3 Kwandwe PGR part 4 Kwandwe PGR part 5 Lalibela PGR Makana LM Pumba PGR Shamwari PGR Sibuya PGR


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