Boulders Wind Farm EIA

Vredenburg Windfarm (Pty) Ltd is proposing the development of a commercial wind farm and associated infrastructure on a project site located 14km north of Vredenburg in the Saldanha Bay Local Municipality and the greater West Coast District Municipality of the Western Cape. A project site considered to be suitable for the development of a wind farm, with an extent of approximately 5 102 hectares, was identified by the project developer, Vredenburg Windfarm (Pty) Ltd. The project site identified for the development will include up to 45 wind turbines (described as a wind farm) with a contracted capacity of up to 140MW. The project site is the area for which an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is being undertaken in order to obtain Environmental Authorisation for the development.

The project site being assessed has a total extent of approximately 5 102ha, and comprises the following ten properties, all of which are privately owned:

  • Boebezaks Kraal 2/40
  • Boebezaks Kraal 3/40
  • Boebezaks Kraal 5/40
  • Frans Vlei 2/46
  • Schuitjes Klip 3/22
  • Schuitjes Klip 1/22
  • Davids Fontyn 9/18
  • Davids Fontyn 7/18
  • Het Schuytje 1/21
  • Uitkomst RE/6/23

Local level issues associated with the siting of the planned wind farm are being considered within site-specific studies and assessments through the EIA process in order to delineate areas of potential sensitivity within the broader area. Once constraining factors have been determined, the layout of the wind turbines and infrastructure can be planned to minimise social and Environmental impacts.

The development footprint, to be located within the project site, will accommodate both the wind turbines as well as the associated infrastructure which is required for such a facility including, but not limited to:

  • Up to 45 wind turbines, with a maximum hub height of up to 120m;
  • The tip height of the turbines will be up to 165m;
  • Concrete foundations to support the turbines;
  • Cabling between the turbines, to be laid underground where practical;
  • An on-site substation of up to 200m x 200m in extent to facilitate the connection between the wind farm and the electricity grid;
  • An overhead 132kV power line, with a 32m servitude, to connect the facility to the electricity grid;
  • A transformer station for each wind turbine;
  • Access roads to the site and between project components with a width of approximately 6m; and
  • Laydown areas, crane hardstand pads, administrative buildings and offices.
It is the developer's intention to bid the Boulders Wind Farm under the Department of Energy's (DoE) Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP) Programme. The power generated from the project will be sold to Eskom and will feed into the national electricity grid. The development of the project will also assist with the achievement of the electricity goals as set out in the Integrated Resources Plan.
Information to the Public:
This webpage contains three sections and the documents have been arranged from oldest (available at the bottom) to most recent (available at the top). The first section (Scoping Phase) was conducted by Savannah Environmental. The second section (Scoping Phase Appeal Decision) was received on the 15th April 2019. The third and final section (EIR Phase) is being conducted by CES. The EIR Phase is currently underway and all DRAFT documentation will be available for public review from the 16th May – 2 July 2019.

Published: 15 May 2019
Review Period: The Draft EIR (and all associated appendices) will be available for public review from the 16th May 2019 until the 2 July 2019. Please refer to the PPP section of the Draft EIR for more information pertaining to how you can be involved in this process.

Contact Person: Michael Johnson and Maura Talbot
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Tel: +27 (21) 045 0900 | Michael Johnson or Maura Talbot


Boulders Wind Farm Draft Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIR) Appendix A | Public Participation Documents Appendix B | Interested and Affected Parties Database





Appendix E | Draft Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) Appendix F | Feasibility Study Letters from Stakeholders EAP Affirmation and Declaration



Appeal Decision April 2019 Boulders Wind Farm



Boulders Wind Farm Final Scoping Report FSR Appendix A Project Team and Specialist CVs Appendix B Authority Consultation Appendix C1 I and AP Database Appendix C2 Advertisements and Site Notices Appendix C3 Background Information Document Appendix C4 Organs of State Correspondence Appendix C5 Stakeholder Correspondence Appendix C6a Comments Received on the DSR Appendix C6b Comments Received Prior to the Release Scoping Report Appendix C7 Minutes of Meeting Appendix C8a C and R on the SR Appendix C8b C and R Prior to DSR Release Appendix D Ecological Scoping Study Appendix E Fresh Water Scoping Study Appendix F Avifauna Scoping Study Appendix G Bats Scoping Study Appendix H Soils and Agriculture Potential Scoping Study Appendix I Integrated Heritage Scoping Study Appendix Ia Archaeology Scoping Study Appendix Ib Paleontological Scoping Study Appendix J Social Scoping Study Appendix Ja Property Values, Tourism and ECON Issues Report Appendix K Noise Scoping Study Appendix L Visual Scoping Study Appendix M EAP Affirmation and Declaration Appendix N Specialist Declarations Appendix O Additional Information Appendix P Scoping Phase Methodology Appendix Q Maps Background Information Document Agtergrondinlingtingsdokument ...back to public documents

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