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Offering Consultancy Services to Linthipe, North Rukuru
and Lufilya Catchments in Malawi.

Date : 2019–2020 Author : Elena Reljic

Challenge experienced by client:

Our goal as CES is to investigate the degradation of three catchment areas in Malawi.
These catchment areas have been prioritised for the development of large multi-purpose dams and are at risk of sedimentation due to high rates of erosion upstream.

Solutions to the problem:

A solution that can be investigated involves looking at the climatic, hydrological, biophysical, land cover, demographic, socio-economic and the use of natural resources. We will also need to look at managing characteristics and trends within the three catchments in a comprehensive analytical study.

Outcome of implementation:

Our study identified 8 priority sub-catchments and developed an Integrated Catchment Management Plan foreach of them. It proposed three strategic interventions aimed to firstly regulate and manage charcoal production, then facilitate land use planning and management in Traditional Authority areas, and then looking at the strengthening ForestReserve Protection organisations to effectively protect the remaining forest reserves.

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