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Proposed Coastal Protection Scheme, 

St Francis Bay, Kouga Local Municipality, Eastern Cape Province 

Date : 2019–2021 Author : Gregory Shaw 

Challenge experienced by client:

The implementation of a coastal protection scheme for St Francis Bay beach aimed to re-nourish and prevent the beach from further erosion by (a) depositing sand material sourced from the Kromme River Estuary and (b) constructing groyne features. Erosion of the beach has led to damage to backshore infrastructure and increased the risk to property in St Francis Bay.

Solutions to the problem:

CES drafted the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report incorporating an Estuarine and Dune Assessment Report. Negative (e.g., vegetation loss and disturbance) and positive impacts (e.g., beach nourishment, dune stabilisation, habitat restoration) associated with the project were highlighted in the EIA and mitigation measures (e.g., identify and avoid sensitive habitat) for the construction and operation phases of the project were included in the Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) to eliminate and/or reduce these negative impacts.  

Outcome of implementation:

By protecting the frontage the project will result in protection to infrastructure and valuable property. In addition, the provision of additional sand on the beach will enhance the public amenity and attract holiday makers and tourists to an iconic beach site town in the Eastern Cape. 

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