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Biodiversity Management Plan/ Kenmare Nataka Ecological Screening/Mangrove Monitoring Plan 

Date : 2002 – Onwards  Author : Elena Reljic and Justin Green

Challenge experienced by client:

To ensure on-going compliance with existing commitments of Kenmare Moma Mining (Mauritius) Limited regarding the management of the environmental and social impacts and risks associated with mining operations at Moma, Mozambique.  


A comprehensive Terrestrial Monitoring Program has been implemented by Kenmare Resources at their Moma heavy mineral mine as part of their commitment to continual improvement with respect to environmental management. The objective is to assess the effectiveness of mitigation measures contained within the Environmental Management Plan and, where necessary, to introduce additional measures to ensure that negative impacts of the mine on the terrestrial environmental health are minimised. These efforts are in line with best practice requirements of the IFC Performance Standards.

Solutions to the problem:

CES reviews Kenmare’s performance against the Operational Environmental Management Programme. This involves habitat monitoring and ecological screening of flora and fauna to identify key biodiversity management issues, as well as on-site environmental and social compliance audits to identify any performance gaps. Other activities include updating of the greenhouse gas emissions inventory and high-level assessments of climate change related risks to the mining operations. 

Outcome of implementation:

CES involvement in the project is ongoing, for example key biodiversity management issues identified from habitat assessments and specialist studies are addressed in an adaptive Biodiversity Management Plan created by CES. 

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