Coleskop Infrastructure Development

Coleskop Wind Power (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of EDF Renewables (Pty) Ltd, (the Applicant) is proposing the construction of a Wind Energy Facility (WEF), near Noupoort and Middelburg in the Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality (Northern Cape Province) and the Chris Hani District Municipality (Eastern Cape Province). The Coleskop Infrastructure EA includes additional infrastructure required for the successful operation of the Coleskop WEF. 
The proposed Coleskop Infrastructure development includes the following infrastructure::

  • Creating a new access point and upgrading existing jeep tracks and farm roads of approximately 7.1 km in length to create new access road routes. This includes the construction of a new section of road of approximately 1.4 km in length and the upgrade of approximately 5.7 km in length. These roads will be expanded to 12 m in width during the construction phase and rehabilitated to 5 m in width during the operational phase;
  • The construction of three (3) concrete batching plants, temporary laydown areas and construction areas. Each will consist of a concrete and/or steel batching plant of approximately 11 250 m2, a temporary laydown area of approximately 22 500 m2 and a construction compound area of approximately 11 250 m2. The combined total area to be cleared for these three (3) concrete batching plants, temporary laydown areas and construction areas is approximately 
  • 45 000 m2 (4.5 ha) within the 135 000 m2 (13.5 ha) assessed area;
  • The construction of electrical infrastructure which includes an Operation and Maintenance Services (OMS) building of up to 60 m x 60 m, requiring the clearance of up to 3 600 m2 (0.36 ha); and
  • A 500 m corridor for the construction of a 132 kV overhead line of approximately 7.6 km in length, which will be routed from the Coleskop Substation to the MTS Substation. This will include a double circuit, twin Tern 132 kV conductor. The overhead line will connect the proposed infrastructure to the existing electrical grid. 

 CES has been appointed by Coleskop Wind Power to undertake ground truthing studies as part of the finalisation of the EMPr and Layout Plans. 
The Proposed Final EMPr and Layout Plans are available for public review in accordance with the approved PP Plan.

Published: Published: 25th of February 2022
Review Period: The Proposed Final EMPr and Layout Plan are available for review from the 25th of February until the 28th of March 2022

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EAP: Dr Alan Carter 

Alternate Contact Person: Caroline Evans

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Tel: +27(0)466222364

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