Dassiesridge Wind Energy Project-EIR

Appeal of the Environmental Authorisation
The Applicant (Dassiesridge Wind Power (Pty) Ltd) has lodged a notice of intention to appeal the Environmental Authorisation of the Dassiesridge WEF (18/05/2016). All documentation pertaining to the appeal will be available here. All I&APs will be notified when a new document is added to the website.

Environmental Authorisation
Please note that an Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the proposed Dassiesridge Wind Energy Facility, Powerline and associated infrastructure within the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality and Sundays River Local Municipality, Eastern Cape, has been issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA). An appeal must be lodged through a “notification of the intention to appeal” Section 60(1). Notification must be submitted to the MEC within 20 days of the date of the decision (18/05/2016).

An amendment of the original Environmental Authorisation (18/05/2016) has been received based on the appeal decision dated 31 October 2016.

Dassiesridge Wind Power (Pty) Ltd, plans to develop a Wind Energy Facility (WEF) between the towns of Uitenhage and Kirkwood in The Eastern Cape Province. The project site straddles two municipalities: The Sundays River Valley Local Municipality in the Cacadu District Municipality and the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality. According to InnoWind, available wind data in South Africa shows this area to have favourable wind conditions sufficient to support a wind farm. The proposed project area is approximately 14,300ha located on 17 properties. The turbine footprints and associated facility infrastructure (internal access roads, substations, construction compound, batching plant and operations building) will potentially cover an area of approximately 65 ha depending on final layout design should the project proceed.

The proposed Dassiesridge WEF will consist of up to 60 turbines each with a nominal power output of between 3.3 Mega Watts (MW). Current plans are that the facility will have a maximum generating output of up to 183 MW, but the final design will be for 140 MW capacity. This is due to the DoE's cap on 140 MW on renewable energy projects. By the end of the EIA phase, the design for a facility producing only 140 MW will be considered.

Published: 27 May 2016
Review Period: 27 May 2016 - 7 June 2016

Contact Person: Tarryn Martin
Tel: 021 045 0900

Appeal Submission Appeal Annexure A Appeal Annexure B Appeal Annexure C Appeal Annexure D Appeal Annexure E Notice of Intention to Appeal Notification of Intention to Appeal Amended Environmental Authorisation Background Information Document (BID) Agtergrond Inligtings Dokument (AIM) Acceptance of Amended Final Scoping Report FINAL Dassieridge WEF EIR FINAL Dassieridge WEF EIR Part 1 FINAL Dassieridge WEF EIR Part 2 FINAL Dassieridge WEF EIR Part 3 FINAL Dassieridge WEF EIR Part 4 FINAL Dassieridge WEF EIR Part 5 FINAL Dassieridge WEF EIR Part 6 Appendix A - EIA Process Appendix B - DEA Acknowledgement Appendix C - Inception Notification letters and Proof Appendix D - DSR - Notification letters Appendix E - DSR - Correspondence Appendix F - BID Appendix G - Site Notices Appendix H - Adverts Appendix I - DSR attendance Register Appendix J - IAP List Appendix K - IRT Maps Appendix L - Library Proof Appendix M - EAP Expertise Appendix N - Project co-ordinates Appendix O - Acceptance of FSR

Appendix P – Specialist Reports

FINAL Agriculture & Soils Impact Assessment FINAL Avifaunal Impact Assessment FINAL Bat Impact Assessment FINAL Ecological Impact Assessment FINAL Heritage Impact Assessment FINAL Palaeontological Impact Assessment FINAL Noise Impact Assessment FINAL Social Impact Assessment FINAL Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix Q – Specialist Letters

Agriculture & Soils Impact Assessment Avifaunal Impact Assessment Bat Impact Assessment Ecological Impact Assessment Heritage Impact Assessment Palaeontological Impact Assessment Noise Impact Assessment Social Impact Assessment Visual Impact Assessment Appendix R – Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) Appendix S - Notification Letters & Proof DEIR Appendix T – I&AP Letters Received for the DEIR Appendix U - Aviation Information Request Appendix V - Opinion Letters ...back to public documents

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