Duyker Eiland Prospecting Project - Proposed Prospecting on Portion of Portion 7(RE), Portion 11, Portion 14 and Portion 26 of the Farm Duyker Eiland 6, Portion 1 and Portion 3 of the Farm Schuitjies Klip 22 in the Magesterial District of Malmesbury

K2017432278 (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd intends to prospect six (6) mineral commodities including Phosphate Ore (P), Heavy Minerals (HM), Leucoxene (Lx), Rutile (Rt), Monazite (Mz) and Zirconium Ore (Zr) on the following properties:

  • The Farm Duyker Eiland 6:
    • A section of Portion 4
    • A section of Portion 5
    • A section of Portion 7
    • Portion 11
    • Portion 14
  • The Farm Schuitjes Klip 22:
    • Portion 1
    • Portion 3

These properties occur within the West Coast District Municipality, within the Western Cape Province.

The proposed site is 2,889.38 hectares (ha) in extent and situated approximately 5.5 km west of St Helena Bay and approximately 180 km north of Cape Town. The proposed study area is situated within the West Coast District Municipality (WCDM) and the Saldanha Bay Local Municipality (SBLM).

The project will entail a one (1) year non-invasive geophysical survey period (Phase 1), a three (3) year invasive drilling period (Phase 2 and Phase 3) and a further 1 year non-invasive resource determination period (Phase 4). Phase 2 which will continue for one (1) year, will consist of the drilling of forty-nine (49) drill holes, each between 5 and 25 metres (m) deep and approximately 82 mm in diameter. This will cover a total area of approximately 0.26 m2. Phase 3, where similar drilling will continue for a further two (2) years, will consist of an additional eighty-nine (89) drill holes covering a total area of approximately 0.47 m2. A further twelve (12) months (Phase 4) will consist of non-invasive prospecting in the form of data validation, geological modelling, resource estimation and pre-feasibility studies. The authorisation will be required for the duration of the prospecting right which is a total of three (5) years.

Published: 08 July 2022
Review Period: 08 July to 08 August 2022

Contact Person: Corrie Retief
Tel: +27 (0) 82 852 2134

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