EcoFarm Irrigation and Organic Sugarcane Project: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report

This project involves the development of an irrigation infrastructure development in the District of Chemba, Sofala Province, Mozambique. The project will see EcoFarm Mozambique Lda conducting and managing an organic sugar cane and beef production project which will also provide irrigation equipment and technical assistance to three locally owned and managed cooperatives. These cooperatives will also grow sugar cane using centre pivot irrigation equipment and this sugar cane will be sold to EcoFarm for the production of organic sugar for European markets.

There will also be a centre pivot available to the local communities for the production of vegetables. The project is aimed at increasing the livelihoods of the local communities to improve their income potential through better agricultural production and alleviate food security issues.

NoteThe previous Draft of this report and all supporting documents (Specialist reports, Environmental and Social Management Programme, and Resettlement Plan / Livelihood Restoration and Improvement Plan) ) were ready to be submitted to the Ministry and subjected to public disclosure in September 2014. Subsequently the developer, EcoFarm Mozambique Lda, requested that the submission of draft reports and public disclosure be delayed while consideration was given to the inclusion of a sugar mill and captive power plant on the site, to optimise the production of sugar from the sugar cane. The mill and power plant were not included in the previously approved Environmental Pre-Feasibility Scoping Study, and the Ministry was approached for permission to expand the scope of the environmental and social assessment for the project to include the sugar mill and power plant. Permission was also requested to increase the proposed irrigated area from 2 100 ha to 2 860 ha, and also to increase the proposed size of the size of the cattle herd from 3 000 to a maximum of 5 000 head. Permission was granted by the Ministry in a letter dated 8th September 2015, reproduced overleaf. Accordingly all reports have now been reviewed and revised as necessary to include the sugar mill and power plant in the project, and report on additional impacts that may arise because of the new infrastructure.

Published: 18 December 2015
Review Period: 18 December 2015 – 17 January 2016

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