Ganspan Recreational and Tourism Development, Phokwane Local Municipality

Recreational and Tourist Development, Ganspan-Pan Wetland Reserve, Phokwane Local Municipality, Northern Cape Province

DENC REF NO: NC/BA/18/FB/PHO/GAN1/2019 The Frances Baard District Municipality (FBDM) intends on developing a recreational and tourist area in the Ganspan-Pan Wetland Reserve (formerly the Ganspan Waterfowl Nature Reserve) situated on Erf 357 of Vaalharts settlement B outside Jan Kempdorp in the FGBDM. The project involves the development and upgrading of infrastructure in the Ganspan-Pan Wetland Reserve to restore the area as a safe, and attractive tourism attraction. The proposed site is approximately 37 ha in size. The proposed activity triggers listed activities in terms of the 2014 EIA Regulations (as amended in April 2017), Listing Notices 1, 2 and 3 (GN R. 983, GN R. 984 and GN R. 985, as amended by GN R. 327, GN R. 325 and GN R. 324). CES, previously trading as EOH Coastal and Environmental Services, have been appointed by the FBDM (the Applicant), to apply for an Environmental Authorisation in terms of the above mentioned regulations by means of conducting a Scoping and Environmental Impact Reporting (S EIR) process for the proposed development. You are hereby notified of the submission of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), to the Northern Cape Department: Environment and Nature Conservation (DENC), for comment. Please note that the Draft EIR is available for a thirty (30) day public review period, from the 9th of October 2019 until the 8th of November 2019. A hard copy of the Draft EIR is available at the Phokwane Local Municipality buildings (1 Heuwil Ave, Jan Kempdorp or 24 Hertzog Street, Hartswater).

Contact details for the submission of comments or to request an electronic copy of the report:

Attention: Ms Skye Clark McLeod as per below. 

Physical Address:  Block C, The Estuaries, Oxbow Crescent, Century City, 7441    Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa


Published: 9 October 2019
Review Period: 9 October 2019 - 8 November 2019

Contact Person: Ms Skye Clark-McLeod
Tel: +27 (0) 21 045 0900

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