Golden Valley II Wind Energy Facility: EA Amendment

The proposed Terra Wind Energy Golden Valley Wind Energy Project 2 is currently authorised to host 126 wind turbines (currently applying to decrease to 49). Each turbine will be connected to an onsite substation from which a 132kV powerline will connect to power to the Poseidon Substation. The total potential output of the wind energy project is 380MW (currently applying to decrease to 343MW). Each turbine will consist of approximately 100m (applying to increase to a maximum of 130m) high tower and nacelle, a rotor of approximately 130m (applying to increase to a maximum of 170m) diameter consisting of 3 blades and each blade approximately 64.5m (applying to increase to a maximum of 85m) long. The towers will be constructed on concrete foundations. The application includes an extension of the validity of the EA for three (3) years.

This amendment also includes the removal of eight (8) existing farm portions and the addition of one (1) new farm portion, namely:

  • The removal of farm portions:
    • Farm 161 Portion 0 (Gezhiret);
    • Farm 164 Portion 35 (Oude Smoor Drift);
    • Farm 164 Portion 40 (Oude Smoor Drift);
    • Farm 164 Portion 47 (Oude Smoor Drift);
    • Farm 164 Portion 48 (Oude Smoor Drift);
    • Farm 172 Portion 2 (Wagenaarse Drift);
    • Farm 172/RE; and
    • Farm 304 (Smoor Drift).
  • The addition of farm portion:
    • Farm 152 (Patrys Hoogte).

The proposed amendments to the application are required to allow for larger, more technologically advanced and efficient turbine models to be used (the increase in output is due to improved turbine technologies - i.e. increase in turbine spec with an associated decrease in the number of turbines which will be erected), to maximise the use of existing EA within REDZ 3 and to increase the validity of the EA in order to participate in the next round of the renewable energy procurement process which has been put in place by the Department of Energy (DoE).

The report and the various appendices will be available for public review from the 10th May 2019 until the 9th June 2019. I&APs are invited to comment on these documents, which can be viewed at the following locations:

  • Langenhoven Public Library (Unie Street, Somerset East, Eastern Cape, 5850) hard copy
  • documents electronic copy
  • In addition, stakeholders may request an electronic (written onto a CD) from the undersigned electronic copy

Published: 10 May 2019

The DRAFT EA Amendment Report is available for public review from the 10th May 2019 until the 9th June 2019

Contact Person: Caroline Evans
Tel: 046 622 2364

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