Haga Haga WEF EA Amendment

Haga Haga Wind Farm RF (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of WKN Windcurrent (Pty) Ltd. plans to develop the Haga Haga Wind Energy Facility (WEF) near Haga Haga in the Great Kei Local Municipality, Eastern Cape Province.

The Applicant is proposing an amendment to the turbine specifications, the addition of battery storage and edits to the current EA which was issued in July 2019.

The proposed amendments include:

  • Removal of Farm 143 from the authorised list of properties;
  • Removal of the specification of the individual turbine output;
  • Insertion of two road names to the site access section;
  • Replacement of Heritage Condition 16.10 as per specialist recommendation;
  • Removal of Avifaunal Condition 42 as per specialist recommendation;
  • Rewording of Avifaunal Conditions (43-46 and 58) as per specialist recommendation;
  • Rewording of Geotechnical Condition (51) as per specialist recommendation;
  • Rewording of Safety Condition (101) as per EAP recommendation;
  • Addition of Bat Condition 1 as per specialist recommendation;
  • Addition of Bat Condition 2 as per specialist recommendation;
  • Decrease in number of turbines from 42 to 36, as assessed in the EA Amendment report;
  • Increase in hub height from up to 134m to up to 180m, as assessed in the EA Amendment report;
  • Increase in rotor diameter from up to 150m to up to 200m, as assessed in the EA Amendment report;
  • Increase in tip height from up to 200m to up to 280m, as assessed in the EA Amendment report;
  • Increase in road footprint from 410 000m2 (6m wide roads) to 425 000m2 (8m wide roads), as assessed in the EA Amendment report;
  • Addition of Battery Storage onto an existing (authorised and previous assessed) storage area on the proposed Haga Haga WEF site, as assessed in the EA Amendment report.
  • Updating of all visual conditions and mitigation measures.
  • Removal of Turbines 27 and 28, provided that the neighbouring reserve is still farmed as a rhino reserve at the time of construction of the WEF and on condition that new research is not in conflict with the opinion that wind turbines have an impact on rhinos.

Published: 11th of February 2021
Review Period:

The Final EA Amendment Report has been submitted to the National Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) for decision making purposes. All final documents are available for Stakeholder and I&AP perusal.

Contact Person: Ms Caroline Evans
Tel: 046-622 2364

EA Amendment Report

EA Amendment Report


APPENDIX A | Specialist Statements

A1. Agricultural Specialist Report A2. Avifaunal Specialist Report A3. Bat Specialist Report A4. Botanical Specialist Report A5. Faunal Specialist Report A6. Freshwater Specialist Report A7. Geotechnical Specialist Report A8. Heritage Specialist Report A9. Mega-Herbivore Specialist Report A10. Noise Specialist Report A11. Paleontological Specialist Report A12. Social Specialist Report A13. Traffic Specialist Report A14. Visual Specialist Report


APPENDIX B | Specialist Declaration Forms

B1. Agricultural Report_Johann Laubscher B2. Avifaunal Report_Chris van Rooyen B3. Bat Report_Jonathan Aronson B4. Botanical Report_Dave McDonald B5. Faunal Report_Marius Burger B6. Freshwater Report_Christel du Preez B7. Geotechnical Report_Iain Paton B8. Heritage Report_Kobus Reichert B9. Mega-Herbivore Report_Greg Simpson B10. Noise Report_Morne de Jager B11. Paleontological Report_John Almond B12. Social Report_Kerryn McKune Desai B13. Traffic Report_Pieter Arangie B14. Visual Report_Lourens du Plessis



C. Proof of PPP


APPENDIX D | PPP Plan and Pre-Application PPP Report

D1. PPP Plan D2. Pre-application PPP Report


APPENDIX E | Comments and Response Trail Report

E. Comments and Response Report


APPENDIX F | Environmental Management Programme

Appendix F | Environmental Management Programme


  • Appendix C | Method Statement Example (within report)


Appendix G | Battery Storage Information

Appendix G Battery Storage Information


Appendix H | EAP Declaration

Appendix H | EAP declaration


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