SANSA Basic Assessment for Proposed Development of Radio Antennae, Matjiesfontein

The South African National Space Agency proposes to construct new radio antennae and associated infrastructure on two sites on Portion 8 of Farm 148, Koenie Kraal, near Matjiesfontein in the Western Cape Province.

The proposed development will include the following:

  • One site housing 4 deep space navigation antennae up to 45m in height, with a footprint of 360m², a Ka-antenna 18m in height with a 400m² footprint and 3 smaller antennas of up to 12m in height, each with a footprint of 100m².
  • This site will also have two 900m² curbed gravel parking areas, an operations building (525m²) inclusive of ablutions, conservancy tank and fire management system with adjacent security booth. A second building of equal size (525m²) will be used as a workshop, fuel storage and house the backup generator power supply. This building will connect to the offsite Eskom substation, with a 750m overhead powerline (22kv) and then run a below ground power cable to infrastructure within the site. Water will be sourced from the municipal supply via 50mm below ground PVC pipe, with the intention of supplementing water supply with an onsite borehole. Fibre lines will also run below ground in PVC ducting. The entire site will be fenced with ClearVu/diamond mesh fence with flatwrap on top.
  • The second site will include two short/long laser rangers which are the size of a shipping container, individually fenced, as well as an administration hut- solar panels will form part of the roofing of the infrastructure to supply power.
  • Other associated infrastructure includes Internal, gravel access roads 4m wide and laydown areas.


In accordance with the requirements of Regulation 41 of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations 2014 (as amended), published under Section 24 of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998), please find herewith notification for the submission of the draft Basic Assessment Report, Environmental Management Programme and specialist reports in respect of the abovementioned project.

Key stakeholders and Interested and Affected Parties are invited to review (30-day period) the Draft Report and provide comment and feedback. All comments received will be included in the Final Basic Assessment Report which will be submitted to DEFF.


20 November 2020

Review Period:

20 November 2020- 11 January 2021  

[30 days, including the legislated closure period]

Contact Person: Ms Skye Clarke-Mcleod
Tel: 021-045 0900

Draft Basic Assessment Report

Draft Basic Assessment Report


Appendix A-F within the Basic Assessment Report


Appendix G1: Specialist Reports

Ecological Impact Assessment Heritage Impact Assessment

Appendix 1-6 within the HIA Report


Appendix 2: Archaeological Impact Assessment


Appendix 3: Palaeontological Impact Assessment


Appendix 4: Visual Impact Assessment


Appendix G2: Curricula Vitae of the Project Team- Within the BA report

Appendix G3: EAP Undertaking Under Oath- Within the BA report

Appendix G4: Specialist Declarations- Within the BA report


Draft Environmental Management Programme


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