Camp Figtree Section 24G

The Camp Figtree lodge is situated in the Eastern Cape province within the heart of the Addo Tourism area. Camp Figtree, situated with the Sarah Baartman District Municipality and Sundays River Valley Local Municipality, has recently been acquired and is under new ownership. During the Due Diligence process by the new owners, it was identified that Camp Figtree has not, in the past, applied for Environmental Authorisation for the various activities which have taken place on site, in the development of the luxury lodge. The new ownership would like to ensure that all previous transgressions are legally addressed to ensure that any further development is all above board. The original development was initiated in 1997 when the original owners upgraded the main farm dwelling into a tourism facility. This was then expanded over several years (including building silted tented accommodation) until 2015 when it was sold and placed under new ownership. The second owners then further expanded the development by adding additional accommodation units. The current owners purchased the facility in 2022. This S24G is being initiated by the current owners to ensure that previous transgressions, undertaken under the previous two ownership phases, as retrospectively assessed. This is to ensure that the facility is legal from an environmental perspective and is also required for the current owners to further expand the facility in the coming years.

Published: 08/09/2023
Review Period: The Draft S24G Report available from 08/09/2023 – 09/10/2023.

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Attention: Caroline Evans

Subject Title: Camp Figtree S24G


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