Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures

Short Course 3 - 7 September 2018


An Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures Short Course are presented annually in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Science, Rhodes University. The number of delegates attending the course is usually around 30. The course is usually over-subscribed; therefore registration is encouraged as soon as open. Lecturers are highly qualified and experienced and specialised in their relevant subject/lecture content. They range from the Head of Department of Environmental Science, presenting the South African environmental challenges and future, the Managing Director of Coastal & EOH Environmental Services presenting an introduction to integrated Environmental Management and the EIA process. He has 28 years of academic and consulting experience. Other lecturers are consultants working in the industry who understand the practical implementation of procedures within the relevant legislation. The course is amended annually to ensure it remains aligned with the relevant legislation and feedback from delegates is considered to ensure the relevant needs are met. Lecturers also include the Managing Director of IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Specialists (Pty) Ltd.

Course Overview

The course will introduce you to the field of environmental management by focusing on the procedures for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Integrated Environmental Management (IEM). Emphasis is therefore placed on the study of human impacts on the environment, and how to evaluate the importance of these impacts and regulate their effects, using EIA as the management tool. On completion of the course, participants should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Identify circumstances under which a full EIA or Basic Environmental Assessment is required based on South African environmental legislation.
  • Compile the application form required for Department of Environmental Affairs.
  • Compile the basic assessment report required for Department of Environmental Affairs.
  • Identify the key steps required in a full scoping and EIA process.
  • Identify and assess (using a matrix) the significance of environmental and social impacts associated with a proposed development and recommend practical mitigation measures.
  • Discuss the importance of and best practice for public participation during the EIA process.
  • Develop the Terms and Reference for a specialist study.
  • Discuss the importance of environmental management plans (EMP).
  • Discuss what procedures can be followed after environmental authorisation is granted.
  • Critically evaluate the merits of an EIA - 'what makes a good EIA'.
What past delegates have said about the course and will it be recommended to others
  • Yes, indeed the course adequately fulfilled my expectations and it will be recommended.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the course and pleased with how it was run, well done and thank you!
  • It has given me a basic understanding which will be useful in my work as well as enable me to participate in the public participation process with confidence.
  • I would definitely recommend the course to anybody involved with environmental work especially government departments and agencies.
  • This course is very important not only to the Environmentalists but also to Technical Personnel - Engineering section of Municipalities appointing consultants to run their infrastructure projects.
  • The course really fulfilled my expectations because now I fully understand the processes and importance of stakeholder identification.
  • Definitely recommended, but only for people really serious about it. Expectations fulfilled - yes and more!
  • This was more than what my expectations were. It was awesome. Even though I did not have much experience with EIA, the course materials were enough for everyone to understand.
  • Very enjoyable. Great atmosphere.
  • Course exceeded my expectations.
  • The course introduced me to a completely new field - I would recommend the course to others.
  • A very interactive, stimulating and educating programme. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • I learnt a great amount. Money well spent.
  • I now have an understanding of what Environmental Assessment Practitioners do and what they have to consider.
  • The course has helped to improve my knowledge of Environmental Management.
  • Very enjoyable union – above par!


Environmental Legislation Workshop for Landowners and Farmers

CES will be holding a workshop discussing the environmental legislation which affects landowners. This workshop is aimed at landowners/farmers to promote the understanding of applicable environmental legislation as well as guide compliance when undertaking a development. The National Water Act, the EIA Regulations, the MPRDA, the Heritage Act as well as the National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act will be discussed. Landowners will have a better understanding of when the above mentioned legislation affects them, the process that needs to be followed as well as actions against non-compliance.

Workshop Overview Contact Marina van Zyl to register by 4 November 2016 |
Cost: R350pp including copies of the presentations as well as tea and coffee.

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