Kariega Game Reserve Expansion

Kariega Game Reserve (“Kariega”) is a Big 5 private game reserve located in South Africa's Eastern Cape. Kariega incorporates 11,500 hectares of pristine African wilderness, as well as two abundant rivers - the Kariega and the Bushmans rivers. It has been a long-term objective, since 2007, to incorporate both sides of the Bushmans River above the Ghio Bridge into Kariega Game Reserve. The successful expansion of Kariega has resulted in Kariega now owning the land on both sides of the Bushmans River from the Ghio bridge northwards. Since 2008, the upper reaches of the Bushmans River within Kariega have already had no fences along the river and Kariega’s Big 5 animals in that area (excluding only lion) have had access to the river. This was possible due to Kariega owning the land on both sides of the river, which means that if an animal crosses the river, it is still within the reserve. On 18 January 2019, the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT: Sarah Baartman), granted Kariega Game Reserve approval to proceed with a proposed expansion of its wilderness area in the Bushmans River Valley area. This included the approval to remove fences along portions of the Bushmans River, which would in theory allow lions access to a section of the Bushmans River (on both the Eastern and Western banks of the Bushmans River). An opportunity is now being afforded to the public to comment on the Kariega Game Reserve expansion, specifically related to the removal of the last internal river fence and that lions will now have access to the Bushmans River within Kariega (eastern and western side). All comments/concerns and responses will be submitted to Ndlambe and DEDEAT as per DEDEAT’s conditional approval.


Published: 8 September 2023

Contact Person: Caroline Evans
Tel: 046 622 2364

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