Nacala Solar Power Project RP-Resettlement Plan

The project description

The proposed project involves the construction and operation of a 30 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant approximately 84 hectares in extent located near the Nacala International Airport. The project will use solar PV technology to generate electricity. Solar energy systems produce energy by converting solar radiation into electricity or heat. Coastal & Environmental Services (CES), Mozambique Limited was appointed by WHN Solar S.A. (WHN) to conduct the Resettlement Plan (RP) for the proposed 30 MW solar photovoltaic project, Nacala-Porto Municipality, Nampula Province, Mozambique. A Resettlement Plan (RP) is being prepared for the economic displacement of affected households. No physical displacement is anticipated at this time. Mpago village has been identified as a Project Affected Community (PAC).


O projecto proposto envolve a construcao e operacao de uma central solar fotovoltaica (PV) de 30 MW com aproximadamente 84 hectares de extensao localizada proximo do Aeroporto Internacional de Nacala. O projeto usara a tecnologia solar fotovoltaica para gerar electricidade. Os sistemas de energia solar produzem energia convertendo a radiacao solar em electricidade ou calor. A empresa de consultoria Coastal and Environmental Services (CES), Mozambique Lda foi seleccionada pela WHN Solar S.A. (WHN) para elaborar o Plano de Reassentamento (PR) para o projecto solar fotovoltaico de 30 MW, no Municipio de Nacala-Porto, Provincia de Nampula, Mocambique. O Plano de Reassentamento esta a ser preparado para o deslocamento economico das familias afectadas. Nenhum deslocamento fisico esta previsto neste momento. O bairro de Mpago foi identificada como a Comunidade Afetada pelo Projeto (CAP).

Published: 12 / 07 / 2023
Review Period:

12th of July until the 10th of August

Public consultation meetings will be held from Thursday the 27th to Friday the 28th of July 2023.

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Attention: Lina Buque

Subject Title: Nacala Solar Power Project

Tel: 00258 84 359 1856

Background Information Document - BID - English

Nacala Solar Power Project Resettlement Plan BID_English


Background Information Document - BID - Portuguese

Plano de Reassentamento - Documento de Discussao Informaca o sobre o Projecto

Nacala Solar Power Project Resettlement Plan BID_Portuguese


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