All Stakeholders and I&AP Databases need to adhere to the Act from the 1st of July 2021. Should you wish to register as an I&AP on the Stakeholder and I&AP Database, as the administrators of the Development of the relevant Project and I&AP Database we require your consent to be part of this database. As such you are herewith notified that you are entitled to refuse such consent and you may exercise such a right by withdrawing from this database in writing at any stage of the process. Should you elect to remain in this group, it will be accepted that you have consented to being a part of this database and to your personal information (your name, affiliation, contact details, and written comments) being noticeable to any person interested in this project and in the public domain. In this regard, we implore all members of this database NOT to make use of such personal information for whatsoever reason without obtaining consent from the relevant person(s).