Proposed establishment of Witzenberg Cemetery near Ceres,
Western Cape Province

The Witzenberg Municipality has identified the need to establish a cemetery in order to accommodate the need for burial plots within the municipal area. Before the cemetery can be established, environmental authorisation from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP), in compliance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations of 2014 (as amended), is required. In order to obtain this authorisation a Basic Assessment is currently being undertaken by CES on behalf of the municipality. The proposed Witzenberg Cemetery is located within ward 22 of the Witzenberg Municipality, approximately 250 m southeast of the Ceres urban edge, within the Western Cape. The proposed site is on the farm portion 86/364, Ceres. The centre point for the site is located at the following co-ordinates 33°23'0.144"S; 19°19'51.645"E.

Taking into consideration, both current and future population statistics, the proposed cemetery establishment aims to provide burial sites which will cater to the nearby communities including Ceres, Prince Alfred’s Hamlet, Op-die-Berg, Tulbagh, and Wolseley for the next thirty years. The proposed site footprint according to site sensitivity for the cemetery covers an area of approximately 9.45 ha. The project aim is to provide a burial location in close proximity for the local communities, so as to prevent ‘back yard burials’ and also to help reduce the need to travel to district cemetery sites. The proposed Witzenberg cemetery site is accessed via a gravel road connecting to Lyell Street to the west. The proposed cemetery site is located on gentle slope with agricultural activities. Basic infrastructure including formal access road and an entrance area with a secure perimeter fence will be provided.

Published: 08 May 2023
Review Period: 8 May - 7 June 2023

Contact Person: Ms. S. Bhengu
Tel: 043-726 7809

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