Proposed SANRAL Freeway Management System (FMS)
Intelligent Transport System (ITS),
Gqeberha Eastern Cape Province - Final Basic Assessment Report

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) Southern Region are proposing to install a Freeway Management System (FMS) / Intelligent Transport System (ITS) along the National Route 2 Section 11 between Westlands (km19.0) and Colchester (km69.0), as well as the Regional Route 75 Section 1 between Gqeberha (km1.0) and Despatch (km16.0) in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Cape Province. Part of the ITS project will consist of the implementation of a Roadside System, which will include installation of camera masts, laying of fibre optical communications infrastructure, electricity supply to the masts and civil construction functions such as pipe jacking to allow for road crossings.

A small component of proposed ITS project activities trigger listed activities published under GNR. 327 the EIA Regulations (as amended), a BA process must be undertaken in such a manner that the environmental outcomes, impacts and residual risks of the proposed project being applied for are noted in the BA Report and assessed accordingly by the Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP). The proposed ITS project will entail the installation of three cameras on poles, digging trenches (approximately 500 mm deep and 500 mm wide) between the camera locations, and installing cabling within the trenches before re-covering the trenches with the excavated material.

Published: 17 July 2023
Review Period: The review period has ended.

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