Soutrivier North 132kV Overhead Line - OHL
Northern Cape Province

WKN-Windcurrent SA (Pty) Ltd. plans to develop, construct and operate a Wind Energy Facility (WEF) approximately 30km southwest of Victoria West in the Northern Cape Province. The project site is situated in the Ubuntu Local Municipality (LM) which forms part of the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality (DM). In association with this proposed WEF an OHL of up to 132kV is being proposed to connect the WEF to the grid via collector substations. The proposed 132kV OHL is being undertaken separately from the proposed WEF as this piece of infrastructure will be owned and maintained by Eskom post-construction. The proposed 132kV OHL is being proposed as ancillary infrastructure to the proposed Soutrivier North Wind Energy Facility (WEF), DFFE Ref: 14/12/16/3/3/2/2190). Studies conducted to date show that this area has favourable wind conditions to operate a wind farm.

The proposed Soutrivier North 132kV OHL will consist of monopole and/or lattice structures which will span a length of up to 9.3km through the central region of the proposed Soutrivier North WEF. A jeep track will also be required to maintain the proposed OHL. The Basic Assessment process includes the assessment of a 300m wide proposed 132kV OHL corridor in which the 9.3km line is proposed.

Project Locality: 
The proposed 132kV OHL is situated within the proposed Soutrivier North WEF, which is located in the Ubuntu LM and it is situated approximately 35km to the west of Victoria West. The R63 road connects the towns of Loxton and Victoria West directly to the North of the study area

Published: 4th July 2023
Review Period: 7 th July - 7 August 2023

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Attention: Caroline Evans

Subject Title: Soutrivier North OHL

Tel: +27 (0) 46 622 2364

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Soutrivier North 132kV OHL Basic Assessment Report - BAR

Soutrivier North 132kV OHL BAR


Soutrivier North Appendix A, B, C

Appendix A: Maps Appendix B: Photographs Appendix C: Facility Illustrations


Soutrivier North 132kV OHL Appendix D | Specialist Reports

Agricultural Impact Assessment Aquatic Impact Assessment Avifaunal Impact Assessment Heritage Impact Assessment Paleontological Impact Assessment Riverine Rabbit Impact Assessment Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Terrestrial Biodiversity


Soutrivier North 132kV OHL Appendix E | Public Participation-PPP

Appendix E: PPP


Soutrivier North 132kV OHL Appendix F | Impact Assessments

Appendix F: General Impacts Appendix F: Specialist Impacts


Soutrivier North 132kV OHL Appendix G | Environmental Management Programme Report - EMPr

Appendix G: Generic EMPr


Soutrivier North 132kV OHL Appendix H | Details of EAP and expertise Appendix H: Details and Expertise of EAP


Soutrivier North 132kV OHL Appendix I | Specialist Declarations Appendix I: Specialist Declarations


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