Ngxwabangu Wind Energy Facility, and Associated Infrastructure
Eastern Cape

The proposed Ngxwabangu WEF will consist of up to 36 turbines, with a total facility output of up to 260MW. The WEF will also include up to four (4) 33kV medium voltage internal collector substations (SS), two (2) 33kV medium voltage underground powerlines, a 33 kV medium voltage Overhead Line (OHL) of approximately 12km to connect the northern section to the southern section of the site, an IPP SS (two alternatives) which will include a 33kV/132kV Switching Station area in order to connect the WEF to the existing Eskom Substation via a 132kV OHL (two alternatives). The WEF will also include a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) (two alternatives), temporary and permanent laydown areas, a Concrete Tower Manufacturing Facility (CTMF), a Construction Compound (CC), and access roads. The construction footprint of the proposed WEF will be up to 142ha (inclusive of roads), rehabilitated to an operational footprint of up to 95ha (inclusive of roads, inclusive of existing roads). Read more.



20 October 2023

Review Period: The Final BAR was submitted to DFFE on the 9th of October 2023 for decision making purposes.

Contact Person: EAP: Dr Alan Carter PPP 

PPP Contact Person: Caroline Evans 


Where to submit comments to: 

Subject Title: "Ngxwaganbu WEF"

Tel: +27(0)43 726 7809

Final Basic Assessment

Final BAR - Basic Assessment Report


Appendix A | EAP Declaration

Dr Alan Carter Declaration Mr Xolani Mncedane Declaration


Appendix B | EAP CVs

Alan Carter Lene le GrangeCaroline Evans Robyn Thomson


Appendix C | Full Impacts Table

General Impacts Table Specialists Impacts Table


Appendix D | Specialist Reports

Aquatic Impact Assessment Avifaunal Impact Assessment Bat Impact Assessment Ecological Impact Assessment Heritage Impact Assessment Noise Impact Assessment Palaeontology Impact Assessment Socio-economic Impact Assessment Visual Impact Assessment


Appendix E | Biodiversity Offset Strategy

Biodiversity Offset Strategy


Appendix F | Specialist Declarations

Aquatic Specialist Declaration Avifaunal Specialist Declaration Bat Specialist Declaration Ecological Specialist Declaration Heritage Specialist Declaration Noise Specialist Declaration Palaeontology Specialist Declaration Socio-economic Specialist Declaration Visual Specialist Declaration Biodiversity Offset Specialist Declaration


Appendix G | EMPrs

Appendix 4 EMPr Generic EMPr Substations Generic EMPr Overhead Powerlines


Appendix H | PPP Proofs | 6 parts limiting the document size for ease of download

PPP Proofs Document 1 PPP Proofs Document 2 PPP Proofs Document 3 PPP Proofs Document 4 PPP Proofs Document 5 PPP Proofs Document 6


Appendix I | CCR

Comments and Response Report


Appendix J | Documents Requests

Documents Requested as Part of PPP


Appendix K | Documents Requests

Final Layout and Site Plan Final Layout Map Final Sensitivity Map


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