At CES, we have adopted a sound and rigorous scientific approach to all the work we do.  In addition, we believe that a balance between development and environmental protection can be achieved through skilful and careful planning.  Our exemplary 30 plus year track record across over 20 African countries and in South Africa, is evidence of the value that we bring to the environmental and social advisory services, particularly in our  deep understanding of the environmental and social challenges associated with establishing and operating facilities and infrastructure in emerging markets.

CES staff are all exceptionally well qualified, with many being industry-recognised experts. In addition, CES has well-developed working relationships with a number of other individual specialists and specialist consulting companies, who provide us with expertise in disciplines such as air quality impact assessments, noise impacts, heritage assessments, radiation hazard assessments, groundwater studies and health impact assessments. We have a demonstrated ability to manage EIAs for large and complex projects.

CES has managed large and complex Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) for large international clients in over 20 Africa countries in the following sectors:

  • Mineral mining and extractive industries
  • Agri-industrial (biofuels, aquaculture, forestry, commercial crops, etc.)
  • Renewable energy (wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass)
  • Large infrastructure (rail, ports, roads, electrical, water, etc.)
  • Industrial facilities (steel, motor, chemicals, etc.)
  • Environmental biotechnology and waste management

Our reports have been rigorously reviewed by parties such as the World Bank, European Investment Bank and the International Finance Corporation amongst others.

CES has been involved in large EIAs and also assisted in policy development for National and Provincial government and parastatals in South Africa.

CES offers the following advisory services:

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) in line with South African regulations

  • Environmental Social & Health Impact Assessments (ESHIA) in line with World Bank and IFC Standards
  • Environmental, social and governance due diligence and compliance auditing
  • Environmental and social risk assessments and feasibility studies
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA)
  • State of Environment and Sustainability Reporting (SoER)
  • Resettlement action plans (RAP) and resettlement planning
  • Climate change adaptation & mitigation and greenhouse gas assessments
  • Biodiversity baseline assessments including critical habitat identification
  • Integrated coastal zone management and coastal dune ecology
  • Integrated Waste Management Planning (IWMP)
  • Development of rehabilitation and mine closure plans
  • And others.

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